As of 29th Feb 2024 the Russet House has closed. After 10 years of hard and very rewarding work I have sold the business. I would like to thank the thousands of guests who stayed with us over the time. 730 reviews averaging 8.8 suggest that most enjoyed their stay. On Trip Advisor we got up to 4th position out of the 41 similar local establishments.

None of this could have been achieved without the hard work and dedication of my team. To name a few…..Sharon, Marcela and Lucy who have formed the core team in recent years. Supporting roles were also played by Chloe, Pep and Precious, Matthew, the laundry man and many others. It has been fun.

I am planning to move to Greece where I may well have a small seaside apartment available to let whilst I drift around the Aegean on a boat (one can but dream).